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RUMOR: Probabilistic Semantically Reliable Protocols

by admin last modified 2004-12-23 02:47 PM

In recent years, two orthogonal promising approaches to improve the scalability of multicast protocols have emerged. One is the use of probabilistic epidemic protocols. These protocols support the efficient dissemination of data among a large number of nodes providing probabilistic guarantee of delivery. The other is the use of semantic knowledge to support higher sustained throughput in groups with heterogeneous performance behavior. The Rumor project intends to conduct research in order to integrate both approaches in a single efficient large-scale multicast protocol. All large-scale applications that require the multicast of messages from a large number of members and that exhibit some degree of message obsolescence can potentially benefit from the results of this project.

Sponsoring bodies
FCT (POSI/CHS/40073/2001)
Total award amount
40.000 Euro
Luís Rodrigues - FCUL
Start date
Approved, to be started soon. emendar isto
2 years
Probabilistic Broadcast, Semantic Reliability, Large-Scale
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