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TOPCOM: Topology-Aware Reliable Group Communication in Geographically Large-Scale Systems

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The goal of the project is twofold: in first place, it intends to implement and test a mature distribution of the Navigators' protocols and, in second place, to contribute to the validation the Ensemble framework. Since there are several technical differences between the protocol designed by the Navigators group and the protocols currently implemented in Ensemble, this experiment will emphasize the generic aspects of the framework and reveal its potential limitations. The project will gather feedback from protocol implementors in order to improve the framework and, hopefully, to support other research groups in adopting Ensemble for their projects.

Sponsoring bodies
FCT (PRAXIS/P/EEI/12202/1998)
Total award amount
23.500 Euro
Start date
September 1999
2 years
Large-Scale Distributed Systems, Group-Communication, Fault-Tolerance, Protocols
Indication of project size at FCUL
5 Researchers


The project pretends to mature some of the topological protocols previously developed by the team and to test their implementation in the Ensemble platform. It also intends to study novel architectures to support the implementation and execution of configurable protocol stacks.

Approach and Methods

The project intends to develop and evaluate prototypes and use the experience gained to refine the models, algorithms, protocols and implementations.

Progress and Results

Part of the project was dedicated to the implementation of a Light-Weight Groups Layer in the Ensemble system. This experiment helped to get insights on the tradeoffs involved in the design of a platform to implement and execute configurable protocol stacks.

The project also investigated the developemnt of a protocol composition framework able to support inter-QoS constraints. A prototype of this platform, called Appia, has been implemented.

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